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blue dragon

It's a Blizzard

I live on the east coast of the US, and the snow is well and truly underway now. The meteorologist says we have at least another 15 or 16 hours to go, and we're expecting at least a foot and a half of snow where I live. Along with the winds and poor visibility and all the other attendant side effects.

Connor, my Newfie, is having a blast. Every time he comes into the house after venturing outside he looks like a snow beast, being completely coated in this heavy white snow.

I think this will be a good weekend to bundle up, brew some tea and maybe catch up on some of those Supernatural bigbangs that I haven't read yet.


hi there:-)
I live in Hungary and right now we are also waiting for the blizzard. Our meteorologist say its going to arrive early Sunday morning.
Booooo...we already have a foot and a half of snow. I wish it was Sping already. My dog loves the snow too, he is a golden retriever-hungarian vizsla mix. The Name is Sam.
Dunno why but I felt like I needed to let you know than even we are like a half-World apart we are pretty much doing the same right now:-)
Waves back! How was your blizzard today? I was just outside with Connor; he has pathways carved through the snow around the yard, and when I look out the window it looks like a maze. But at least we only had a little bit of snow on the ground before -- you say you already had a foot and a half? No wonder you're looking forward to Spring. Anyway, I'm very lucky in my neighbors, and they shoveled my driveway and walkway for me. So I didn't have to do too much of that sort of thing today... I've been able to watch a lot of TV programs I recorded during the week and catch up on some computer stuff I wanted to complete.

I've never met a vizsla before, I've only ever seen them in dog shows on TV, but they look beautiful. And of course golden retrievers are pretty much among the most lovable breeds there are.

I hope your day turned out as well as mine. Keep warm!
Thankfully the blizzard was over mostly by the time I woke up around noon hee-hee. Went out and shoveled the yard and walkway for almost two hours...my dog had fun with it. Then baked some zserbó and spent the rest of the day in bed:-)
Good day :-)
But fingers and toes crossed I make it to my workplace tomorrow morning. I can not be sure and Im nervous when I thinking about it.

My dog has the personality of a vizsla. Vizslas are the best IMHO they are so affectionate. They want to be as close to you all day as possible. I love it when my Sammy puts his nose under my palm to pat his head. So cute! On the other hand vizslas get bored really quickly so I have to think of something new everyday to entertain him. At least -I- never get bored. :-)

Keep warm you too!:-)
Hi again -- just a quick note to say I think you must be jinxing us all the way from your corner of the world! It's snowing again... although we had the foot and a half of snow on the ground already, we're supposed to be getting another 18 inches of snow over the next 24 hours. Which is what you said happened to you, right?