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Holiday Baking Questions

I have some questions for all of you on my flist who are out there madly trying to get your holiday baking accomplished... first of all, this year I plan to bake many, many loaves of Pumpkin Cranberry Pecan Bread (with an Orange Glaze) to give to the neighbors. This being the year that we had a pumpkin shortage, all the local stores could come up with was "pumpkin pie mix." I'm thinking that if I cut down on the eggs in the original recipe, and leave out the pumpkin pie spice and allspice I might be okay. I plan to experiment on myself before poisoning anyone, but does that sound reasonable to you? Have any of you cooked with this pumpkin pie mix instead of the solid pack pumpkin?

The other question is about the wrapping of said loaves of bread. I was hoping for something more festive than using aluminium foil and slapping a bow on it. I know I've seen holiday-themed cupcake papers and baggies and things like that. Do you know of anything that would work for wrapping loaves of bread?


I've seen foil loaf pans with festive printing on the outside. Even if you don't bake in them, you may be able to wrap the bread in cling wrap and put them in the loaf pans.
Those pans sound like a possibility. Did you notice them in a grocery store, or was it in some place like a Target or a Walmart or something?

Thanks for the idea!
I found them at my local grocery. Some were in the usual baking supplies aisle, but they also had them in one of the seasonal item displays.
I'm sure Martha Stewart has some wrapping ideas on her website, and even if they're over the top, you can always just use them for inspiration.