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blue dragon

Heroes Finale -- Yes, I'm Complaining

So, the various heroes may be made of all kinds of awesome, but as a whole, they don’t have enough common sense to walk/fly/teleport to the corner by themselves.  I still can’t believe that not one of them took the extra minute to make certain that Sylar was dead-dead-deader than a doornail as he was lying there on the street.  There were guns all around, one big ass sword, and even a parking meter being swung around that could have been used to mush his head in.  But no, they were all too busy watching the fireworks or talking to take care of the Big Bad who has been chasing and killing them.  Meh.  

Yes, Claire remains awesome and Micah and Molly were adorable.  Nathan and Peter brought the bro-yay.  Hiro and Ando are still cute as little bugs.  But the sheer stupidity of completely ignoring Sylar really bugs me.