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Attention All Ye Sam-Haters in the Supernatural Fandom

Firstly, read Season Four Meta: Sam Winchester by quarterwhore. It's a well thought-out analysis of Sam's actions and motivations throughout the season, supported by quotes from the episode and backed up by psychological insight.

Secondly, I am way past tired of hearing that Sam started the Aopocalypse. We know there were 65 other seals that had to be broken before Sam killed Lillith (with good intentions, let me add. He was trying to stop the Apocalypse, remember?), including the first one that was broken by Dean. So to use the sports aphorism that no one player loses a game, the entire team loses together... why is no one blaming whoever/whatever didn't stop the other 64 seals from being broken? The situation they're in now was caused by a multitude of factors and bad decisions, but it is in no way solely Sam's fault.