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blue dragon

Susan Boyle - Britain's Got Talent

Since this has been all over the news, chances are you've seen it, but just in case -- here's a link to 47-year old Susan Boyle fulfilling her lifelong dream and teaching people not to judge by appearances: www.youtube.com/watch (sorry, embedding has been disabled so I can't just put it here).  I weep every time I listen to it.  Part of that is the music - I love Les Miz - and part is knowing that this woman walked out onto that stage, and faced judges who were dismissive of her and an audience who was outright mocking... until she opened her mouth to sing.  By the end of the first line they were cheering, and partway in they were already on their feet.  (Which also makes me more than a little pissed off that people are still judged by how skinny they are or how perfectly their eyebrows are plucked and their makeup applied, rather than by their actual talent.  That entire audience wrote her off as soon as they saw her.  Bastards.)  I don't know the rules for this show... I'm gathering that it's a talent contest... but I hope she continues as well as she has begun. 
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