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blue dragon

I Voted!

I went prepared with my mp3 player, a book, a granola bar, and an umbrella, because I thought I might have to stand in line.  I was actually able to walk right in and cast my vote.  Our township has a few more voting booths than they've ever had before, which I'm sure helped.  I was number 1494.. in the last election I registered as number 600-something, so from my informal analysis it seems like they're getting a good turnout in my little hometown here in PA.  I was out of there before 3 p.m., which is when they actually expect larger crowds of people stopping in on their way home from work to begin forming.

I bumped into two neighbors and the mother of someone I'd graduated from high school with.  I am filled with the glow of civic pride in myself and my community at the moment.