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blue dragon

Supernatural 4.03: In the Beginning


Okay, I was enthralled while it was on. But as it turns out, Dean was sent into the past pretty much strictly as an observer. He got to meet his mommy (oh, I liked kick-ass Mary) and tug at heartstrings (points for the lack of the Manly Emo Tear), but he didn't really affect anything.  It was satisfying for him to do hunter-type things with his granparents and his mom, and to talk about that world with them, but it was a futile endeavor.  His being there didn't really change anything.

Castiel made vague pronouncements but didn't provide any concrete or useful information. ("You need to stop it." Yeah, that helped a hell of a lot.)  Dean learned yet again that he can't muck about with events that have already occurred, even though we thought he had already learned those lessons back in "What Is and What Should Never Be."  And am I the only person disappointed that Dean didn't have any sort of comeback when Castiel threatened Sam?  I know last week Dean got some of the snarkiness bitch-slapped out of him, but not even an "I'll take care of it, whatever it is?

Sam was given, what, 30 seconds and one line of screen time? So this has now become officially "Supernatural: The Dean Winchester Show." I didn't want them to take the Sam goes evil route of storytelling, because by now it seems too expected and cliche, but now I think I'm almost looking forward to it if it will at least get him on screen more often.

And all three of the Winchester males turn out to be zombies. Huh.