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blue dragon

Waiting for News - Organ Transplant

This evening I spoke with my cousin, Rob.  He is waiting to find out the results of surgery on a man several towns over who died today, and who was generous enough to have declared himself an organ donor.  Rob is first on the list as the potential recipient of a kidney.  This is the seventh time he's been on one of these lists; one time he made it as far as the operating room, on the table, swabbed and unconscious and ready to go, when the surgeons decided the donor kidney wasn't acceptable.  As I'm writing this the surgery is happening, so he won't know for a bit yet whether or not to go to the hospital and then wait still longer before finding out if this time he finally will receive the kidney he needs.

What makes this particular story even more memorable is that Rob's daughter Amy, who had hoped to give him one of her kidneys, was killed in a car crash at the age of 18.  She had designated herself as an organ donor, and as such was able to help save the lives of 5 other people (and restore sight to 2 more).  www.organtransplants.org/faces/story.php   The uncle Rob mentions in the video is my father, who also passed away of kidney failure.   (You would not believe the amount of relatives I have who have been stricken with kidney disease.  My nephrologist believes it's actually due to a hereditary tendency towards high blood pressure.)

If you haven't already checked the "Organ Donor" box on your driver's license, please consider doing so.  The need is immense.