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Newf puppy

Hello My Fellow Dog Lovers (History and Art Lovers Too)

 I found out the Morgan Library and Museum in New York is  presenting an exhibit called Illuminating the Medieval Hunt.  It's comprised of manuscripts and books dating from the 11th through 16th centuries, including a first edition of Le Livre de la chasse (ca. 1407)  and the Book of St. Albans (1486), which was the first English book on hunting.    Le Livre de la chasse was temporarily disbound (for  conservation) which allows the museum to display may of the 87 hand-painted miniatures side-by-side.   According to the website it sounds as though they also have a facsimile the public can page through.  They've also got a dozen illuminated manuscripts (love!) and six examples that are of Islamic and Indian origin.   

I can't get to New York to see it (and it ends August 10th, so it's almost over, anyway).  But on this page: http://www.themorgan.org/exhibitions/exhibition.asp?id=2 (sorry, I can't get the html coding to work) they have a link to their Online Exhibition, which has 50 beautiful scans of illuminated manuscript pages.  Enjoy.