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blue dragon

Question about "Free" MP3 Downloads

I'm kind of new to the world of MP3s -- yes,  I'm slow to adapt to new technology, so sue me -- and I'm still in the process of getting everything onto my MP3 player.  I just came across this website -- (http://www.music-free-download.net/) -- Free Music Downloads -- that has a lot of music on it and claims that they are free MP3 downloads.  The text talks mostly about lyrics, and claims that the lyrics belong to the authors and so on, but once you search out the albums and artists, the songs are there to download. 

So.... my question is, if I actually download any of these, am I doing something illegal?  Will the federal government be coming after me a year or two from now and fining me some ungodly amount of money?  Does anyone know?  Thanks.

(I did try to do the html pretty coding for the link, and it just <i>would not</i> work!)


i'm gonna go out on a limb and say no, it's not legal. looks like a peer to peer network like limewire. free music is rarely legal music.
Damn. Well, honestly, I was kind of suspicious because it did seem too good to be true. But then again I Googled and came up with a long list of sites that all claimed to provide "100% legal free music!" so what do I know? I think to be on the safe side I'm giving up on the idea of free and resigning myself to waiting until I have more disposable income to buy more music. Thanks for your input.