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blue dragon

Oh you popslash people - I have been assimilated

It's finally happened.  Over a year now of reading about the sparkly boys, and I have just bought my first Backstreet Boys CD (The Hits - Chapter One).  NSync's Greatest Hits is on order, but hasn't arrived yet.  

SInce I'm all about the harmonies, I've really been enjoying it, although I have to say I was kind of alarmed about the unnecessary aggressively bad grammar in "All I Have to Give" ("I don't care if he buys you nice things/ does his gifts come from the heart?" and "Does he leave when you need him the most/ does his friends get all your time?") and I had a few bad moments with "Shape of My Heart" when I was horribly certain he was singing "Sadness is beautiful, loneliness is tragical." 

Now I need to go hunt down their videos, so I can figure out which voice belongs to which BSB. 

But this is becoming a new obsession, and I'm supposed to be writing cover letters.  Instead, I'm reading popslash and listening to music and looking at pretty dancing men.  If I start writing stories and remain unemployed, you are all to blame.



SCORE! :) This makes me very happy! I love converts!!

I know I did a pop music primer somewhere...ahhh here it is. It's a really short one with embedded youtube clips, but it tells you who is who :)
Oooooh, thank you! The computer I'm using right now doesn't have a functional sound card, but as soon as I'm on my own PC I'll be watching those clips. After reading so many stories it feels like I have a mild grasp on their various personalities, so now I'd like to be able to attach the correct vocals to each name.
Okay, I went back to your primer and for all the clips I got the dreaded equivalent of the Blue Screen of Death from youtube: "We're sorry, this video is no longer available." But I was able to track them down on the Yahoo and MTV sites (both of which have their irritations, but I was able to see pretty men! singing! and dancing!) and I found myself - ahem - studying "Quit Playing Games" several times. So I could be sure to learn the voice parts. Yes. So thanks for pointing the way.
I actually have the file for Quit Playing Games, if you need to study it more :P
Your offer is tempting, but since reading the meta thread about sexuality, and being a responsible adult, politically aware feminist, now I'm worried that having enjoyed the video makes me perverted. And not in the good way.
Well, it's a good SONG. And um, all of the nakedness is of the of-age boys :P
Shame on you for pushing the boyband crack. Well then yes, if I can drool with a relatively clear conscience, I would appreciate the files. If you have time to send them before you disconnect for the move, that would be nice, if not, could you send them next week when you're up and running again? morgana_st at yahoo.com.
You should be receiving it shortly. Let me know if you don't get it within the hour!
Huzzah! I received it, and it is indeed lovely. I'm sorry for the delay in letting you know -- after watching it my system froze, which I'm blaming on having too many programs open on an old machine. But now I have the file, so I can watch it again whenever the mood strikes. (Something I noticed: poor Kevin really doesn't look all that comfortable. Until he gets wet. He actually looks more at ease the more blatantly sexy he gets. Interesting.)