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blue dragon

My attempt at the "unique things" meme:


*  Post 3 things you've done that you believe nobody else on your flist has done.
*  If anybody responds with "I've done that," add another thing.
*  Encourage your friends to paste this into their own journals to list the unique things they've done.

1) Broke my toe on the toaster (no, I wasn't pirouetting on the counter, although that makes a better story; the toaster was sitting on  the floor).

2) Started playing violin in the high school orchestra... when I was in 4th grade.  (Our grade school didn't have an orchestra and my instructor wanted me to play -- I had started studying violin when I was 6 -- so they bused me over to the high school, and there I was at the age of 8, playing along with the high school students.)

3) Walked around the White House in my stocking feet.  (I sang with a 17 member choral group for two concerts in the East Room during the Christmas 1999 season, at the same time I had torn ligaments in my ankle.  So there are pictures of us in our long skirts and the guys in their tuxes, and you can see me clutching my shoes behind my skirt.  We had a private tour, and I remember the Secret Service guys laughing at me.  I wouldn't have given up the experience for anything, but OMG it was painful doing all that walking.)