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Newf puppy

My puppy is ready to eat the furniture

My puppy Connor is convinced that I have suddenly forgotten everything he's spent the last several months teaching me in Newf-to-human communications... he spent yesterday afternoon tossing the contents of his stomach all over the living room carpet (6 episodes), and after a trip to the vet (they stayed open late for us -- we have awesome vets) and injections and subcutaneous saline and a solemn promise that she doesn't think that he ate anything that perforated anything internally, I still had to withhold all food and water for 12 hours.  NOTHING can make me feel more guilty that a puppy nosing at the stand where the bowls should be, then sitting there and looking at me with big, sad eyes.  Or laying in front of the closet where his food is, silently asking for something to eat.  

He won't waste away to nothing; at 6 months he weighed in last evening at 81 pounds.  (But I still felt guilty.)   

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