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blue dragon

The return of America's Best Dance Crew

For those of us who watch MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew," this Saturday from 2-4:30 p.m. (eastern) they are going to be showing the Casting Special.  It looks like that will be the live broadcast, but they will be repeating the bejeezus out of it.  I absolutely could not find any mention of it to link to anywhere on their site, but they have the little blobby watermark-type thing up in the corner of the screen on the MTV channel, and the program shows up on the zap2it grid.

Does this mean we'll be able to see JC in all his spendiforisnous, or will that have to wait until the competition actually begins?


JC will be there. At least, he was on the casting special last season! It's a whole two hour thing where they show some auditions in various cities, but for the most part, it's each group performing and the judges narrowing it down to the final contestants.
Oh, and he better wear something AWESOME. So say we all!
Oh, so say we all indeed. Last season I was torn between whether or not to credit/blame JC for his various sartorial displays. I really admired the silvery gray suit with the bondage scarf, for example, so I gave him responsibility for that one. But I cursed at the show stylist for that awful brown checked shirt with ruffles and the bow tie. (Bow ties don't look good with anything but a tuxedo. They just don't.)
He claims he actually chose all his clothes for the show. He said that he wanted to make sure he wore things that looked special and not just something he'd wear lying around the house or something.

Oh, it was *special* all right. (I looooved the silver jacket/bondage scarf outfit!! Classic Chasez awesomeness.)