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blue dragon

Isnt' It Ironic?

Today I was supposed to leave my car at the garage so that tomorrow it would be there, bright and early, for the nice men to do the inspections/emissions on it.  As well as check the battery, and do an oil change, and other kinds of maintenance stuff.  I climbed in, turned the key, and.... nothing.  It was completely dead.  When the AAA guy got here he agreed.  He couldn't even jump-start it.  He's sending guys tomorrow morning to tow it to the garage.  

So tomorrow my car will be towed to the garage, where it already had an appointment, to have a battery replaced, when it was already going to have the battery checked.  So that's irony for ya.  Like rain on your wedding day, or a black fly in your chardonnay, or whatever the hell she was singing about in the awful, awful song.  Dammit.