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blue dragon

Echo and Pedigree and Weepy Commecials

I don’t know about you, but I’ve become conditioned to leap for the remote so I can turn off the Pedigree commercial as soon as I hear David Duchovny’s voice.  I just can’t handle any more sad commercials showing poor dogs waiting desperately for new homes.  I realize the sad reality that there are almost innumerable dogs out there that need help, and that shelters are staffed by people emotionally stronger than I am who are doing tremendous work.  But I can’t withstand the blatant tug on the emotions of that commercial. It’s effective in that it makes me want to go out and adopt about a dozen dogs, but I’m sure that Pedigree doesn’t really want people turning off their ads.  So maybe it's not so effective from a marketing standpoint.

On the positive side, I just saw a print ad today that says Echo was adopted on November 3rd, so huzzah for Echo, and at least maybe I can make it through that damned commercial now.