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Note to Self --

Remember that I will not need to buy Christmas wrapping paper again next year. Or probably the year after, or the year after that. And since I bought that ginormous package of tissue paper from Costco I won't need that either, because I'll be supplied until it decomposes and turns to dust.

All my presents are wrapped and labeled, although not bowed, because that's the last thing that happens so as to avoid inadvertent crushing. I only have to fill one stocking, and that's been taken care of, and I actually had a few items that didn't fit (I should have taken it apart and removed the Dove chocolates for myself and then everything would have fit just fine, I guess!). Even the dog's munchies have been wrapped. He does get actual toy gifts, but he has to have munchies wrapped up to unwrap for him every so often during the Grand Unwrapping of Gifts or he spends most of his time trying to eat the paper and the bows. Bribery at its finest.

Now I just need to get back to baking Christmas cookies.