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blue dragon

February Fanfic Day 5: Fantasy AU (i.e. a world that doesn’t and never did exist)

I just checked the last February Festival recs, and during the course of that month I already recc’d the “Rake At the Gates of Hell ‘Verse” by synecdochic and the Puma!Verse stories by ephemera_pop and nopseud, as well as CrimsonQuill’s Slave to Love. All the stuff I usually reach for first.

So let’s see….. this time I’ll rec Into the Fire by deirdre (also known as pierson).

This is an amazing fantasy AU. It feels as though we’ve been dropped into a novel several chapters after the beginning, after all the boring exposition and right in the thick of the action. Kevin is an Old One, a fae, who has been hunting Justin for a long, long time in a world where fae and shapechangers exist among humans. Justin at one time had been his lover and his comrade-in-arms, but something had happened to him that turned him evil. Whatever he had been, he is a predator now and Kevin is determined to stop him. JC, Chris and Lance are shifters who are his allies. Kevin is fierce and focused, and I loved the sleek, deadly version of JC presented here. I would have been thrilled to read pages and pages more of this universe.


OK, I just reread this for the first time in years (your fault, in case you were wondering :) and the bit where JC licks Kevin's dagger? OH MY, YES.