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blue dragon

February Fanfic Day 4: Really Hot Sex

Ricky Martin never really did much for me until mickeym paired him with JC in a series of stories. But I'm willing to read JC with anyone so I jumped in and found myself devouring these. I don’t think they need to be read in any particular order, although they seem to meet for the first time in Burns where they catch each others' eye across a dance floor, and then go back to Ricky's hotel room.

There’s also Wax, where JC spreads Ricky out and drips hot wax on him and A Little Extreme, where JC and Ricky try erotic asphyxiation.

In Lazy Afternoon Ricky has a new piercing, and JC is both freaked out and turned on.

Slow Hand is a tiny ficlet of JC showing Ricky how to slow down.

And in White Noise Ricky can't sleep. JC knows how to tire him out.

Finally, in Relaxation Technique, the guys engage in watersports.