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blue dragon

February Fanfic Day 3: Makes You Laugh!

My pick for this day is Grocery Day. I am ashamed to say I am not 100% completely certain of the authorship…. I have it marked as being halowrites and mickeym, but I’m not certain now how I came to that conclusion. (Please authors, put your name on the same page as your story!)

Chris and JC go grocery shopping, and amuse the hell out of each other.

"Lube!" Chris exclaims, and then snickers when it's JC's turn to flush as an elderly lady walking past stops to stare. She smiles, and then walks over to them, and touches JC lightly on the arm. "Make sure you use plenty," she says in a low voice, "And there's flavoured condoms on the next shelf down." She looks at Chris, then leans in close to JC. "He looks like a raspberry kinda guy." She winks and then walks off, leaving the two of them staring open-mouthed after her.

"Huh." Chris blinks, then blinks again."I mean. Huh."

"Hmm." JC nods, and steers the cart down the aisle, Chris following behind. "I always thought you were more pineapple, myself. I mean, y'know. The whole hair thing and all."


One of my favorites! (Kumquats! :)

(I'm pretty sure you're right about the joint authorship, by the way.)
Yeah, it was both halowrites and me -- at the time we were writing together as "crackfic" :)
Ack! I was just going through my Yahoo email and clearing things out, and realized I never thanked you for responding to this and answering my question about it. (Seriously, between LJ's inconsistencies about feedback and Yahoo's weirdness about timing and which folder they dump messages into, I am always afraid I'm going to end up insulting people.) Anyway, thanks for the confirmation.