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blue dragon

February Fanfic Day 2: Songfic

I’m reaching way back for this rec, to the classic What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) by Lois Lane.

The big deal about being a girl was that the world around you felt like it was made for other people who weren't girls. Things like watching what you wore, that you didn't show too much skin even though it was Florida, and May, and fucking hotter than hell, and making sure he didn't smile at strangers because it was asking for trouble, and having to lock the bathroom door because suddenly you weren't around your four best friends, but rather four men, and you felt oddly small, and exposed.

Nick was right. Being a girl was a little like being a famous pop sensation. The only difference was how a celebrity could pin the bullshit on other people. A girl really had no one to blame.

The song never did explain what it feels like for a girl, but Howie thought maybe it was something like defeat.

This was written long before I started reading popslash, but I believe it was either the first or one of the first genderswap stories (Howie, with no explanation, wakes up as a girl). For me, what makes this story stand the test of time so well: the impact on Howie is not treated in a facile way, the friendship with AJ is seen as rock-solid, and Chris’s reactions throughout are consistent.


I like this one very much.