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blue dragon

February Fanfic Day 1: Great Opening

A new month of recs and I am already way late! Sorry about that.

Day 1 is all about stories with a Great Opening. I'm sure I must have recced this somewhere else, but it remains one of my favorite opening lines in the history of popslash:

AJ was bored in the middle of a sex shop, which he really didn't think fair at all.

It's from Matters of Style by Jain

AJ is accompanying Howie on a shopping expedition to a sex shop (purple toys!) and they run into Lance watching over JC at the same place (sparkly pink!). Howie and JC hit it off, and AJ and Lance are very amusing.


Ahaha! Nice rec, and a story I must (surely!) have read before but didn't remember, which was much appreciated. The first line is splendid.