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Merry Christmas!

Now that it's Christmas Eve I want to wish everyone on my flist a Merry Christmas, and even if you don't celebrate the holiday I hope you're doing something self-indulgent for yourself. I know I haven't been posting a lot but I've been reading and lurking in the shadows, and let me tell you that you are a group of wildly fascinating people. I'm so glad I'm brushing up against your minds, even if it's just in the ether.

And Oh God I just saw that MTYG stories have gone live... I don't think I'll be back on my pc for the next two days, but then I'll dive in. How long do we have to do reviews before the author reveal?


Author reveal is on January 6th, so you totally have time to send feedback before then. And as it's a reduced crop, you can tell All The Authors, right?

I'm trying to ration my reading, but, oh, dear, it's tempting...