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In A World Like This Concert Review, Holmdel, NJ

If you remember, a little while ago I was asking for advice about buying tickets for my first BSB concert. Well, it was this past Thursday night, and I had an amazing time.

We got there early, because Box Office Guy had recommended arriving around 4:30 so we could get decent parking. We actually snagged a fabulous spot, and were tailgating along with everyone else who was eating something before the show. People were playing BSB music and it was all very festive... until the meet & greets started, and it just so happened that we were parked close enough that we could actually hear them singing, which was awesome (couldn't hear them talking, but definitely could hear them singing.)

There were more men there than I had expected, although I think some of them were being drug by girlfriends/wives. (As we were in line to get through the gate I could hear one behind us saying "The blond one is Nick, right?")

Our seats were in the first Orchestra section, row 26, right on the center aisle. Good seats if you don't have to take into account the people in front bouncing and dancing throughout the entire thing. Seriously, I know it makes me sound like a cranky old bitch, but why pay that kind of money for a ticket if you're never going to sit down? And I was feeling cranky, because I was in the handicapped access row so no, there were a lot of people in the row who couldn't have "just stood up too" to see over their bobbing heads and waving arms.

Before anyone else came on Brian appeared with Baylee and (paraphrasing) asked us to put up our arms and applaud for him. Then Brian just left the kid out there alone, and Baylee performed two songs by himself. I can't remember what the first one was, but the second was Jackson Five's "One More Chance."

At 7 p.m. the opening act was DJ Pauly D, and I hated it. Hated it with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns. So much so that I left and went out to the concession area until he was done, because the sound level was an actual assault, even through ear plugs. (It is a good time to get in line for T-shirts.) Most of the audience seemed okay with it, but I can't help but think that he's a totally different genre than the Boys and doesn't fit.

The second act was Jesse McCartney and my God the girls were swooning. They knew every word of every song, and he and his two backup dancers were working it. Personally the only one of his songs that I'm familiar with was his encore, "Beautiful Soul."

And then finally around 9 p.m. the BSB.... it was just the five of them, no backup dancers, no distractions other than the lights behind them. (My friend described them like a spirograph gone crazy; the blobs were these constant kaleidoscopic images swirling around. Other than that once in a while there were filmed images of water, or desert, or rarely the planetary/moonscape theme they've got going on with this new album art.) There were also two large screens, one on either side of the stage.

The guys were in almost constant motion from the time they started. Occasionally, mostly before one of the songs from the new album, they'd take turns stepping forward and explaining the inspiration for it, but other than that they just kept moving and dancing. There were 2 brief breaks, about 2 minutes long for costume changes (and guys, what's up with the black gloves?) (during the second one they showed clips from the documentary that has been mentioned -- does anyone know when this is supposed to appear?) Once when Kevin was speaking he said that this particular concert was the first time that his son was seeing what his dad does (earlier when Baylee had been performing there was a child standing off to the edge of the stage, so I suspect that was Mason).

The songs performed when the take the VIP group onstage are a few lines a cappella from "Safest Place to Hide," and then they do an acoustic set of "10,000 Promises," "Madeleine," and "Quit Playing Games With My Heart." It was really lovely, actually. I adore their harmonies, and the audience had quieted down enough that they came through clearly.

The energy was building so that by the time they got to "The One" I swear it was like a revival meeting in the place. It must be a huge rush to stand in front of that and be able to command that kind of attention.

Nick was playing with the audience all night. Every time he moved, or flipped his jacket open, he'd make coy gestures and the screams would get louder. He was doing model poses along the catwalk and I couldn't help but sit there laughing. And oh my God the hip thrusting! Every song, appropriate or not. Even in "Show Me the Meaning!" He didn't take his shirt off at all, but he did pour a bottle of water over his head and shake it and the remainder of the bottle at the audience during the last number.

AJ was bouncing all over the place, walking on his hands at one point, and I'm pretty sure I saw him doing a cartwheel at the end. That looked like a lot of post-show adrenaline going on there.

Looking back, I think I saw the least of Howie due to the staging, then middling amounts of Brian (but oh I had really good views of him belting out some of his patented Brian long-notes, one of them down on his knees) and Kevin (and Kevin does some hip work too, which I had never noticed in the past), and I saw quite a bit of AJ and Nick. I can report in all honesty that all of them are even more handsome in person and that oh yeah, Nick's been working out.

So glad I finally got the chance to see them, and so glad I got to see them when it was all five of them again.

The Set List:

1. The Call
2. Don't Want You Back
3. Incomplete
4. Permanent Stain
5. All I Have to Give
6. As Long As You Love Me
7. Show 'Em What You're Made Of
8. Show Me the Meaning Of Being Lonely
9. Breathe
10. I'll Never Break Your Heart
11. We've Got It Goin' On
12. 10,000 Promises
13. Madeleine
14. Quit Playing Games With My Heart
15. The One
16. Love Somebody
17. More Than That
18. In A World Like This
19. I Want It That Way

First Encore:
20. Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

Second Encore:
21. Larger Than Life


Sounds like you had amazing time! They really are fabulous live. They need to hurry up and announce their European dates!
Yes, I had a wonderful time! I'm still having intermittent flashbacks of bits and pieces of songs popping into my head now and again. It was great.

Edited at 2013-08-17 09:12 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you had such a good time! It sounds like it was fabulous. :)

(Trying this again logged in, sigh.)
Ah ha! So you're my anonymous stalker! I had a terrific time. As I told nopseud, I'm still having bits and pieces of songs popping into my head unexpectedly. Some kind of post-concert flashback syndrome, I guess. Except it's pleasurable.

Edited at 2013-08-17 09:16 pm (UTC)
That was me! LJ logged me out while I was writing the comment. Fail, LJ! But awesome post-concert flashbacks are awesome!
Thanks for sharing! I AM UBER JEALOUS.
You're welcome! It was wonderful and I'm still basking in the afterglow.
Loved reading the review!!
A lot of those emotions are my own, especially that seating thing. Germany only never has actual seating in the center area. It's worse actually, because everyone pushes like mad to get up front. I've been to one American concert (in Kansas City years and years ago) and compared to the rough experiences from my own country, it was heaven.

Hopefully they won't bring Pauly here too. I was at the Fan Event in Berlin beginning of July and they had a DJ playing for more than 45 minutes prior to them getting on. Jesus, it was torture! Even if happened to be away from the speakers (which we, unfortunately, were not).

Thanks for the set list especially - awesome to see Breathe, Madeleine and More than that on there!

Now I'll just go and keep my fingers crossed that there will soon be dates for Germany announced.
I'm glad you enjoyed it! I can't tell you their plans about touring with Pauly, but since there are DJs in Europe I don't see why they'd bother to take him along. But it doesn't sound as though the DJs over there are really an improvement, right?

The gates opened at 6 p.m., and they were playing BSB music for an hour as background music as people came in. That ended when Baylee performed, and then DJ Pauly started blasting everything.
I'm looking forward very much to seeing them as a fivesome - although to be fair, the last BSB (not NKOTBSB) concert I attended I mostly saw Howie, who was outrageously and most unexpectedly hot. Ahem.

The standing-up thing must be really annoying for people who *can't* stand up. I was totally surprised at my first BSB concert that as soon as they showed up, everybody rose to their feet in a giant wave—but now, I'm so used to it that I was kinda disappointed, and surprised, when at the Queen+Adam Lambert concert, it wasn't the norm. But if you have a seat, it gives you your own little cubic of space, which is way better than being squished into a crowd.
Oh, the hotness factor. There's not a one of them that is lacking in that, even when seen blown up on big screens. But I have now given myself full permission to fantasize about Nick without feeling guilty about it (nope, he's not jailbait any more).

The other thing I noticed, (other than the standing thing) from a sociological perspective, was the sheer number of people who weren't really watching the concert happening right in front of them, but were instead watching their cell phone video screens.
Oh, man. Please, please tell me Brian isn't planning on Will Smith-ing his kid! I love that man and I'd really hate to have to give him the side eye.

I'm sitting here stewing in jealousy over your fabulous night, by the way. :)
I do have to say that I was thinking that there was a whiff of "BSB: The Next Generation" going on, especially since I think I saw Mason standing there in the wings. There's no denying he was cute, and incredibly self-confident.

It was indeed fabulous!