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blue dragon

Desperately in Search of a Supernatural Christmas

Yesterday I was determined to finish off my Christmas shopping, so I braved the local shopping mall.  I was actually doing quite well, dodging people talking on cell phones and women spritzing perfume and such.  I was finally down to the last item on my list... the Supernatural season 2 DVDs.  They were to be the house gift from Santa (my Mother lives with me, and I can't really give them to her as a gift (yes, my 67-year-old mother is also a fan), as they are obviously as much for me as they are for her -- thus, a house gift).  So I headed into FYE, $5 coupon in hand.  I had looked it up online -- they had the price listed as $42.99, which is more or less what everyone else is selling it for.  Well, in the store they had it stickered for $59.99.  Of course, there were no salespeople on the floor, so I had to stand in yet another line.  At the register they told me "the price online is usually a little cheaper."  I told them "it's almost $20 less."  They just nodded their heads at me.  I handed them the box and informed them I'd buy it elsewhere.  Does that make any kind of sense to any of you?  I've never heard of such a huge price difference between an online site and their brick and mortar presence before.

So I stopped at Walmart on the way home, God help me, and they were out of it.  I made it home (8 p.m. by now) and called Target.  They had 1 copy left, "in the back," so I headed back out again.  Still hadn't had dinner.  But dammit, I was determined.  And yes, I conquered.  I got to the store, and sent someone back to the storage area, and she retrieved the set for me.  So I have Winchesters for Christmas. Huzzah!