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Question About Buying Concert Tickets

So the Backstreet Boys are touring to promote their new album, and it seems as though I maybe might possibly be actually going to my first BSB concert! (I'm hoping to get a yes! from a friend tomorrow, and then I'll buy the tickets.)

Anyway, I was looking at ticket prices online and there are such a variety of places to buy from. Do you guys suggest anywhere in particular? Specifically, I found a site called goodseattickets.com that seems to sell tickets for a considerable discount (although I'm reading some people complaining about chargethat get added to the ticket cost - but don't all places do that?) Dos any of you know anything about goodseattickets.com? Is it reliable?

(Cross-posted between my personal journal and popsoundboard.)


I don't know anything about US ticket sellers, but if you want the best seats (like the first few rows) they usually sell them through the fanclub. It costs to join but for me, at least, I'm happy to pay a bit more for a fantastic view and not having to mess around with resellers.

Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have a fabulous first concert!
I'm still waiting on confirmation from my friend, so I don't know if I'm going yet, but I've got my fingers crossed! And I still don't know what I'm going to do about the tickets.
I have a hard time believing you'd be able to get tickets any cheaper from resellers than from the official seller (unless it's a sold out show, in which case resellers are obviously your only option, and the tickets will be overpriced). Plus you won't have to worry about being able to trust them or not. I recommend going to http://backstreetboys.com/events/ and clicking on their links!
I followed the link from their website and it led me to Live Nation, which I thought was a reseller too. (Obviously I could be wrong, as this is my first time doing this... I've been to 2 Rufus Wainwright concerts, but I wasn't the one who bought the tickets for those.) Anyway, they claim to be sold out of a lot of the areas where goodseattickets still say they have some seats available. That's why I was wondering. Thanks for the info.

Edit: Huh... According to Wikipedia Live Nation IS the owner of the venue, so that explains why the link led me to their site. Unfortunately I think that also means I'll also need to head to a reseller to scavenge for remaining tickets.

Edited at 2013-07-06 11:51 pm (UTC)
Bands never associate themselves with ticket resellers, so their official sites always have official links.

Good luck!
Well I got the "yes I want to go!" email from my friend, so I'm excited about that, but she threw me a curve when she asked if she could bring her husband. I have no problems at all with her husband (as long as he's comfortable being surrounded by mobs of screaming women, why not?) but most of the tickets I'm seeing are singles and doubles. Especially at the venue. I may end up going through a reseller yet. (The venue's interactive map just crashed, so I can't even look at it to see what's available and what isn't through them at the moment, which is frustrating.) Anyway, I hope to get this all nailed down SOON. Thanks for your help!