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blue dragon

MTYG 2012 Recs

I am not going to be able to give recs for all the stories the way I’d wanted to, because Life just keeps getting in the way. And I haven’t been able to provide individual feedback for all of these stories yet, because again, Life keeps getting in the way. But here are a few recs I can offer, before the reveal:

A Very Special Snowflake
The pairing for this is JC/Justin, but it absolutely shines as a JC-Chris story. They spend the entire story talking on the phone, and Chris spends a lot of the story trying to reason with JC from across country. Viewing the world through JC’s eyes is always a joy.

Orange is the happiest color
I’ve read this story twice now, and both times it’s made me smile all the way through with both the humor and how comfortable the guys are with one another. I also like how it’s written, with so much of the story in dialogue, which makes it flow quickly.

Welcome Home, You
I found this intriguing, because I’ve thought that there has to be some sort of resentment buried in there amongst the Boys, even if they did support Kevin when he made his decisions to leave and to come back. And to have the resentment and anger coming from Brian of all people makes it more ugly and realistic.

The Veil of Dreams
Okay, JC has built what Chris assumed was probably a drug-related mushroom fairy ring in his back yard, which he thought was nonsense, until he saw a dude in robes grab JC and disappear with him… because as it turns out JC became a “freaking political prisoner for otherworldly creatures.” And that’s the beginning of the whole adventure.

It's Cool, It's Hot, It's a Relationship, It's Not
Firstly, let me say, yay! Letterboys p0rn! It seems we read so little of the actual sexytimes in MTYG anymore, I was actually surprised to see it. Secondly, this was an interesting look at AJ, because he’s usually shown as someone who’s so overflowing with self-confidence to see him unsure was unusual.

Under Our Skin
This is funny – both Chris’ persistent nagging at Kevin, and Kevin and Lance’s digs at one another.

neither rain nor snow
On his 30th birthday Chris develops superpowers… and what I like the most about this story is that it’s really about JC and Chris, and while the superpowers have caused a new turn in their relationship, they’re not the focal point of the story.

With a Sprinkle of Fairy Dust and a Slap on the Butt
This is an AU where after the Mickey Mouse Club ended JC chose to come out as openly gay, and enter the world of dance. So he was never in Nsync. which still makes my head spin trying to imagine things. Anyway, the story cuts back and forth from Lance’s POV between his time in Nsync when JC was hired to choreograph the No Strings tour, and the present, when JC’s a new judge on Dancing With the Stars just as Lance is competing. It’s kind of glorious, watching JC be able to sparkle as much as he wants.
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Eek! Thanks for the mention! I wasn't at all confident in that story, so I'm a little flabbergasted that people seem to like it. :)