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blue dragon

On Avoiding Dialysis So Far (Yay!) and Possible Heart Damage (Not So Yay!)

I had an appointment with my nephrologist yesterday and while my creatnine level has crept up a little I'm still able to avoid kidney dialysis for another few months. (My current level is at 4.25, and I'm safe until it reaches 5.) And he said I don't have to go back in to see him until January, so I can relax through the holidays without this hanging imminently over my head.

My transplant status is currently "inactive," which means I'm on the Transplant List accruing time, but if a kidney becomes available I won't be called for it. Why? Because of the cardiac testing. The cardiologist came to the tentative conclusion that I might have heart damage. That's because on one of the tests they couldn't visualize what they needed to see through the breast tissue -- apparently that happens a lot with women. So even though the second test was fine, this one was a question mark. So he's playing the odds: for a person who's had kidney disease this long, and type 1 disease this long, etc., has this percentage of a chance of heart disease.

Unfortunately the only way to decisively determine whether it's damaged or not is to do a cardiac catheterization, and the dye they use would totally kill off all the remaining kidey function I have left. So that's a no, we're not going to have that surgery right now. It's on hold until the time I actually get started on dialysis.