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blue dragon


I went to Rufus Wainwright’s Philadelphia concert, and let me say that if you have the chance to catch this guy live and in person, do it! 
This was my first time at the Mann Music Center, which is an outdoor venue. We were treated to deafening thunder, lightning, and a brief torrential downpour, but fortunately our seats were under cover. I got misted when the breeze blew sideways, but it all stopped by the time the opening act was over. Which was great, because then it didn’t detract from the splendor of Rufus. 
This is his Release the Stars tour, so he performed everything from that CD, as well as some of Want One, some other numbers, a few Judy Garland songs (Get Happy positively MUST be seen to be believed – the audience went beserk), and as what I am sure was a special favor to me (although he didn’t know it), he sang Hallelujah. (I swear, I have a sexual response to him singing that song. Yes, I know it has been overused in movies and TV almost to the point of becoming a cliché at this point, but I just don’t care.) It was the inch-thick chocolate frosting on top of a very rich devil’s food cake.
I’m still basking in the afterglow.