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blue dragon

February Festival ~ Day 19 ~ A Series or Collection:

I am going to rec a series that I go back and reread upon occasion: synecdochic’s Rake at the Gates of Hell !Verse.

1: Rake at the Gates of Hell

2: Through A Glass, Darkly

and then the sidestories:

Lies My Parents Told Me
The Many-World Theory of Quantum Mechanics
Rake at the...Poker Table?
Lambs Sex Magic Smut
With Nasty, Big, Pointy Teeth

If you haven’t already had the pleasure of immersing yourself in this world, it’s an AU that takes place while they’re touring. It turns out that Lance has the innate ability and responsibility to protect the world from demons and such. It’s an intriguing blend of fantasy, religion, sex, and the guys.

(As a personal sidenote, it was either this story or Heart of Stone, Eyes of Tree
that was my first introduction to popslash, which set the bar pretty damned high from the get-go. I know I read them back-to-back, and then devoured everything else on her site. Then I started searching for more, and the rest is history.)