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blue dragon

February Festival ~ Day 13 ~ Fantasy AU:

What does it say about the wide range of popslash that all the gender-swapping and Mpreg and morphing into animals and cloning and so on don’t count as fantasy AUs? Anyway, for this day I’m offering a Lance/JC story I’ve read more than a few times: Slave to Love by CrimsonQuills (also known as Nix). In this fiction JC is a frightened, older pleasure slave being auctioned in the market when he’s purchased by Lance. Lance has had a dream and is searching for the man who will become his mate. JC has doubts, as he’s always serviced women before, but Lance is unexpectedly gentle and careful with him. The story spends a lot of time with Lance letting JC get used to him and comfortable with their physical relationship. I know, slave fics can be harsh and awful, but this one isn’t.


I don't think there are enough categories in the month's rec list to cover all the wonderful crazy things popslash has in such abundance. But there is a category somewhere for 'real life with added weirdness' or something like that, which ought to get about a thousand nominations...

I like that slave story, too.
In general I am uncomfortable with slave fics because I've read some truly, truly terrible ones (particularly in the Supernatural fandom) and I've pretty much sworn off them. But Slave to Love is mostly an excuse for the porn, I think, and Lance has to be the most accomodating slave owner in ficdom.
I think the thing about Slave to Love is that it isn't really as "Slave" fantasy at all. It's a "Coaxed Virgin" fantasy, which is quite a different thing!