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blue dragon

February Festival ~ Day 9 ~ Threesome or Moresome:

pensnest happened to mention that she was looking for plot along with her porn, so I started looking through my bookmarks to see what might meet that criteria. Popslash is overflowing with group sex scenes and some fairly inventive orgies, but I found GSF stories that manage to be angsty and sad at the same time. (BSB writers in particular like to punish us, I think.)

Laugh With the Sinners by bubbleforest and trumpeterofdoom

Angsty, achy GSF that takes place as Kevin says goodbye to the other BSB. (As one person says in the comments, it’s the “saddest smut I’ve ever read.”)

Kevin's gaze falls on AJ. He looks so small now, hugging himself as Howie showers soft kisses on his neck. AJ's eyes are closed and he's trembling, leaning into Howie like he's all that's holding him upright. When Kevin says "I'm sure," he's speaking to Nick, but as AJ's eyes open it's him who nods.

Nick starts dropping soft kisses on his neck, travelling slowly along his hairline until he reaches his ear. He flicks it a little with his tongue before sucking gently on it, and all of a sudden Kevin feels his knees start to buckle. Nick's mouth travels down the side of his neck, and he slides his hands down to the buckle of Kevin's belt.

"I'm gonna miss you," Nick whispers, lips moist against his skin, and Kevin takes a deep breath.

"I'm not dying, you know," he mutters, trying to sound lighthearted, because he can't do this. He can't listen to Nick being serious, to Howie's hushed comforting words. He can't watch Brian look at AJ with so much helplessness in his eyes. He can't watch AJ fall apart.

Nick's hands stay at Kevin's waist, thumbs smoothing idly back and forth at the waistline of his pants. When Kevin looks at him, Nick is biting his lip. "I know," he says, and manages a crooked smile. He presses his forehead against Kevin's and lets out a hollow sigh. "I know," he says again, softer and sadder.

They stay like that for a while. Kevin only moves because he hears shuffling feet against the carpet, and then Howie is standing in front of him. He holds out his hand, and with a final kiss to the nape of Kevin's neck, Nick lets go. Kevin takes Howie's hand and Howie gently pulls him towards the bed.

They both sit down at the edge and Howie looks up at him. "I'll miss you, too," he says. "There won't be anyone else to help me control Nick." He manages a small smile, but his hands are shaking and Kevin has to stroke the inside of his wrist, making soft comforting sounds.

Kevin reaches out and cups the back of Howie's head, bringing him nearer before kissing him tentatively. Howie kisses him back, his lips warm and soft, with the vaguest hint of citrus lingering on them. He feels so vulnerable under Kevin's hands, so fragile. But Kevin has always known how strong Howie is.

Howie makes a needy sound as their kiss grows deeper, faster, and when he pulls away it's with a sharp gasp. He stares at Kevin, breathing hard, before he moves.

In that brief second Kevin watches the others. Brian and AJ are locked in a deep, unhurried, comforting kiss. Nick is standing behind AJ, doing something that has AJ whimpering and arching back. Brian's hands are on AJ's cheeks, cupping his face, and his thumbs are rubbing gently under AJ's eyes as he hums into the kiss. Kevin can only guess what he's wiping away.

Eyes to Grow Old by zoicite

This story is told from Brian's point of view. "He was a family man with two families." It takes place while Nick is getting to release his solo album, and while Leighanne is heavily pregnant. Brian is afraid the group is about to come to an end. They're all called to New York for a meeting by Nick, and while they're there, things happen that Brian never expected. I like this because the story doesn't treat the GSF lightly; Brian is genuinely torn between his love for Leighanne and his love for the other guys.

When In Amsterdam by Loey

This is told from AJ’s point of view. They’re in Amsterdam, and the guys are distracting him from the city’s temptations.

Brian’s leaning against the desk at the far side of the room. He’s wearing one of AJ’s too-big sweatshirts and he has on jeans and socks but he might as well be naked for how come-hither he looks. AJ catches the look on his face, the quiet appraisal, and underneath it, the amused glimmer in his eyes, the one that always always gets him what he wants, especially if what he wants is coming from AJ.

AJ smokes his cigarette and ignores everyone, though it’s sort of difficult because he gets what this is about and he hasn’t yet decided if he’s going to go through with it or not. Years ago, when he was using, he wouldn’t have thought twice about it, would have just gone with it but now he wakes up actually remembering the shit from the night before and he’s not looking forward to a sober morning-after, especially when it involves the guys.

AJ finishes his cigarette and wishes someone would fucking say something. He supposes it’s up to him but his brain isn’t functioning all that well at the moment.

Break by apetslife

This is an interesting look at how the Nsync guys cope with the never-ending exhaustion of being on tour. When they’re getting only 3 and 4 hours of sleep a night the comfort of touch as they share one another’s beds re-energizes them. If someone is in particularly bad shape then that person is the focus of everyone’s attention. What’s especially interesting about this story is that for most of it four of them are angry and shunning Justin, who is desperate to get back in their good graces. What he describes sounds very much like touch hunger.

Delayed Re-entry by Lily

Slightly AU. Takes place after Lance's return from space, where there was a problem with the flight and it was uncertain that he would be able to return to earth. Getting everyone past their fears takes some time away together, and eventually, yes, GSF. It's the emotional connections between the guys, between their frantic worry during the 10 days Lance is out of contact, and their relief at being back together again that makes this story so worth reading.


Thank you so much for reccing Laugh With the Sinners! Somehow, I'd never read it before, and it was just so sad and marvellous and wow. My list of beloved Backstreet GSF is short (and half of it is zoicite stories), but now I have another one.

I highly recommend everything by bubbleforest. She doesn't have everything linked on her site (Yours-Completely) so you have to wander around on her LJ a little bit. But when I'm looking for emotionally truthful BSB fic, I head for zoicite and bubbleforest.