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blue dragon

February Festival ~ Day 8 ~ A Piece That’s Presented In An Unexpected Way:

I have 2 recs for this theme, but no excerpts.

The first is onetwothree by Jae. This clever use of perspective begins on the three-man bus, and first views Chris and Justin’s new relationship from JC, Chris and Justin’s points of view individually, then views a mutual relationship from all three perspectives at the same time. She does this by constructing three columns on the screen, one for each of them, and you are forced to jump between them to follow along throughout the encounter, seeing inside each one’s thoughts. (But I have absolutely no idea how to do the coding here, so you’ll have to follow the link and read the story yourself!)

The second is The Night Before the Morning After by Betty Plotnick. Lance and Nick are both individually having a bad night and escape to a blue-collar bar so they can drink in anonymous peace. Instead they run into each other. There is scorchingly hot sex. And the whole thing is told in reverse.