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blue dragon

February Festival ~ Day 7 ~ Crossover with Another Fandom:

I’m stumbling a little bit with this day’s topic. My first rec features a fandom that I know, but the the other two are fandoms that I more or less know of. They’re so prevalent in pop culture that it’s impossible not to have heard of them or to have known a little about them, but I can’t really call myself a fan. So does that mean I’m cheating again?

Nsync/Harry Potter (AU for the Harry Potter world)
The Language of Hieroglyphs by Arsenic Jade

This is the charming story of what happens when JC decides to take a vacation in Egypt, makes a wrong turn inside a pyramid, and meets Bill Weasley. It turns out the two of them have more in common than one might think, and while JC adapts to Bill’s world rather well his guys are kind of dubious about the entire thing. They assume the whole “magic” concept is just another one of JC’s kooky ideas until the barbeque where they finally meet Bill and he provides a demonstration. I really enjoyed this story.

Snape looked up at JC's emergence from the stairs. "Have fun digging up all his nightmares for him?"

JC knew how to handle mean people. He'd done it every day of his life in high school until the MMC had come along. Mean people who were acting out of hurt rather than spite were a little bit trickier, but JC was still a master. Admittedly, it was slightly throwing that Bill had woken up gasping and dry-heaving in the early morning, but JC had gotten him water and sung to him, just a little bit, and then made love, when it was obvious that was the only permanent solution. Bill had fallen back asleep almost as soon as they were done and JC had listened carefully to the rhythm of his breathing for nearly an hour before allowing himself to slip back under. "Is it the fact that I'm Muggle or that I sleep with men?"

Snape looked slightly thrown by both of these assumptions. He cleared them up. "It's the fact that you're an innocent." The last was said like a four letter word without any of the fondness most people allowed curses. "You know nothing of us or of this and you have no right to it."

"It's him that I have a right to." Finders keepers, JC thought.

"This is no place for you. Your ignorance will only hurt him and endanger you."

JC was pretty sure he'd never seen a real sneer in his life until this moment, or maybe it was just that this one made all the others pale in comparison. "Nobody else seems to think this is a problem."

"Gryffindors. They ignore problems because the immediate pay off is to their benefit."

JC wanted to ask what the hell a Gryffindor was, but he sensed this was not the moment and would only prove whatever point Snape was trying to make. Or, well, making quite plainly. JC planned his next words carefully. Striking where it hurt at someone who was already lashing out from pain was a dangerous proposition. "She was Muggle born, wasn't she? That's why there are stills of her and George in the album. They're from her family."

JC made himself go through everything he knew, made himself remember Snape pulling Harry out of the chair- "Is Harry too?" That didn't make as much sense. There were no stills of Harry, and Dean had said he was famous, but Snape's priority was obviously the boy.

JC's mind stopped rushing at Snape's interruption. "Your stabs in the dark are pitiful."

"Throw me a light."

"You can never be what he needs."

JC felt dizzy. In his experience, the truest cause of meanness in a person was insecurity. "Maybe not, but I'm going to give it a shot here, if that's all right with you." Even if it wasn't really, but it didn't hurt to be polite.

"He needs someone who can remember with him."

"Maybe he needs someone with their own set of memories to offset his."

"How will you be able to support him-"

"With my hands, the way you did with Harry."

Snape's, "You don't know anything about it," was fierce.

"I know you're afraid of letting anything into this circle on the chance that something will happen." Then it hit JC, "There's more than enough room for one more."

Snape paraphrased himself with, "You understand nothing," but it was defeated, lacking in the spite it had carried previously.

"Not yet. But I will."

Nsync/Stargate Atlantis
It’s Like Your Hand by giddygeek

This fic cannot possible be recc’d enough, ever. It is so funny that even though I have never seen a single episode of Stargate Atlantis I laugh out loud every time I read it. Pulling quotes is almost impossible because so much of the story is quotable. The bare bones of the situation is that clones of the the Nsync guys appear at the SGA installation. Chaos and hilarity ensue.

"I'm Justin."

"I'm Chris."

"I'm Joey."

"I'm Lance."

"I'm JC," the last one said, and they all mumbled, "And we're NSYNC."

"I'm Dr. Rodney McKay," Rodney said. "And I'm trying to figure out how to send you home, so shut up and let me work, okay?"

"I like your hair," Sheppard said to the one with black and white braids. "Did it take long to put all those in?"

"For God's sake, Sheppard, Elizabeth is not going to let you grow your hair out so you can hide knives in it." Rodney waved a soldering iron at him. "This is Atlantis, but we still follow the regulations!"

Sheppard raised an eyebrow at him. The one with the hair narrowed his eyes and said, "Atlantis?" The other one with the hair, tight and curly like a sheep's pelt, said, "This is a resort?" Rodney said, "Well, all right, so we relaxed the regulations a little--Elizabeth still knows you'd accidentally slice your own throat!" and Miko, who had been clearing her throat quietly, trying to get someone's attention, finally just yelled, "We have another problem!"

"Oh, what now?" Rodney said, turning on her, and she slipped out of range of the soldering iron, watching him warily.

"This is not just NSYNC. This is NSYNC from the past," she said. "1998. Perhaps early 1999."

Everyone stared at her, and she cleared her throat again. "I can tell by their hair," she murmured quietly, and backed further away to stand behind Simpson.

The one with the fried-blond hair blinked, then raised an eyebrow in a very John Sheppard kind of way and said, "It's January, 1999."

"The Bahamas don't have different years, like the Chinese, do they?" asked the sheep-headed one.

Rodney put down the soldering iron and closed his eyes. "This is not happening," he said calmly. "This is not happening."

"They don't," Sheppard said. "It's March, 2007. The toaster brought you from Earth and from the past? Cool."

Eight people glared at him. "What?" Sheppard said, putting his hands on his hips. "C'mon, you have to admit it's pretty interesting. It brought five people from the Earth of 1999, and it barely used any power at all? How does that work?"

"I am attempting to figure that out," Rodney said. "It would be easier, much easier, if you would all just shut up for a couple minutes. That means you, Braids! You too, Sheppard. Shut it!"

Everyone was quiet for a moment. Rodney said, "Thank you," and bent back over Miko's iPod.

Then the sheep-headed one leaned closer toward the braid-headed one and said, "So...this isn't a resort?"

"That's it! Out!" Rodney said, and herded them all towards the door.

Nsync/Star Trek Reboot
Untitled Star Trek Reboot by ghettogreta

The Star Trek crew ends up coming back in time to stop a shapeshifter and runs into the Nsync guys. Justin and Jim hit it off, trying to one up each other dancing and beat boxing. And then Justin says “Bring it on, spaceboy.” And then Kirk beams them all up to the Enterprise.

Turns out, Justin can captain a ship, too.

Granted, they’re not really doing much, just flying through space, really. It’s not like Justin has to get them out of any kind of sticky situation, but he’s sitting in the Captain’s chair like he owns it, and Bones is pretty sure that if a sticky situation were to arise, Justin would have the balls to think he could handle it.

Bones can’t decide if he is horrified or amused. He’s vaguely horrified because he really thinks Jim would let this Justin kid try and handle things – which, if his actions so far (which include him telling Sulu to go to warp when they were already in warp, “then go to warp ten!”) indicate, Bones should just call his daughter now to say goodbye – just to prove Jim could do something Justin couldn’t do.

But he’s really kind of amused. He thinks Spock’s about ten seconds away from having an aneurysm, which would be a high point. But Bones really can’t fathom how Spock puts up with Jim sometimes, and now there’s essentially two Jim’s on board. He’s already told Justin to get out of the chair seven times, and each time Jim waved his hand and said he could stay.