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blue dragon

February Festival ~ Day 6 ~ Great Dialogue:

There are so many excellent dialogue crafters in this fandom that’s it’s hard to just pick one story from one author but I am well and truly behind once again, so I’ll control myself and only offer Not the Reel Nsync by nopseud.

This is the story where Chris has Lance, Joey and a diabolical JC dubbing bad German porn during hiatus. Justin finds out and of course he goes through the roof. It’s written partly as a regular story, and partly as a script, and it’s very, very funny.

And what the fuck? After all that begging and whining, I finally give you lines, and what happens? No breaking the straight guy, okay? There could be terrible consequences.

Hey, you never said that about me. I like chicks just as much as Joey.

Point one, no one likes chicks as much as Joey. Point two, you aren't married to an avenging angel of wrath who could snap my fragile body in two without breaking into a sweat. And point three, Joey is actually straight. Whereas you're straight like a drinking straw — the bend's already there, all someone needs to do is give it a little tweak and start sucking.

JC glares, rather pink in the face.

That is so untrue! I'm dedicated to my craft, that's all. I'll do whatever's required to get the take. It isn't my fault if Lance chose to exploit my weakness for perfection. I never stood a chance.

Sure you didn't.

Lance slides off his stool, and puts his headphones down with precision.

If you come upstairs to one of Chris's guest rooms with me right now, you can blow me. I know I'll find it very motivational, so really it's your duty as a friend and colleague.

JC grins, and spread his hands in a general appeal to the room.

See? That's exactly what I'm talking about. How can I avoid a devious play like that?

Whoa right the fuck there. We have a schedule to keep.

I'm taking a break. The union says I can.

Lance hooks his forefinger through JC's belt loop, and tugs him off his stool and across the room. His voice drifts back down the stairs to Chris.

And when I get back, we're gonna have another little talk about my dressing room riders. I told you last week, Chris: Dorritos are not 'exactly the same as' rice crackers, and unless you had a real long pipe laid, Evian does not come out of your kitchen faucet. And incidentally? When I said 'you need to buy lube which isn't chocolate flavoured', I wasn't thinking 'ooh, marshmallow!'

Chris makes flappy-mouth gestures with his hand until Lance's voice has faded away, still complaining.


*Excellent* choice.