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blue dragon

February Festival ~ Day 3 ~ Real World AU:

I’m reccing four Real World AUs for your reading pleasure:

Since everyone has already recc’d A Hell Of a Yarn by SarahQ, I’ll rec another AJ/JC story: Love and Other Miscommunications by pierson. This is the story where JC owns a bookshop and AJ is a DJ. They, and all the other members of the two groups, are college students. JC has a reputation for endless one-night stands, but he avoids commitment. AJ has had a wild past, but now he’s looking for something more stable. This story also has one of the best first kisses I’ve ever read.

Another fantastic AU is the Lab!Sync Verse by madame_d (be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page for the beginning of the story). In this story most of the guys are working in a research lab run by Chris, and JC is a brilliant new hire. The pairings are JC/Lance and Chris/Nick. The scientific atmosphere feels authentic, as do the relationships.

Guerilla!Verse by Helen is one of my favorites, despite the fact that it makes me work so hard to read it (so much so that I finally cut and pasted it into a Word document so I could just start at the top and read it straight through), Anyway, the Nsync guys are freedom fighters in “a nameless South American country, dedicated to overthrowing the fascist overlords.” Scroll down on the page to find the Verse index. (You’ll need to access the last several chapters from the main index rather than the bottom of the preceeding chapter.) The pairings are Chris/JC, Joey/Justin, and very briefly Joey/Lance.

And finally, A Slow Beating Between Them by wearemany and the sequel Private Dancer. In the first story, JC works at a Boston Market while writing music. Lance works in A&R in New York and signs JC to his company’s label. They work together, they fall in love. In the sequel it’s 6 months later and JC is filming a video in preparation for the release of his first single and his first concert tour.


Private Dancer is worth it just for the picture she links to at the end. Holy crap he's pretty.

Lab!Lance. I may pass out.
I miss JC's curls. I mourn for them, really.

As for Lab!Lance, I really enjoy stories that portray them as extremely intelligent and that verse just pushes a lot of my buttons.