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blue dragon

February Festival ~ Day 2 ~ Favorite Pairing:

Another late posting. Sorry!

See, I don’t really have one particular favorite pair. There are a few sparkly dancy boys who don’t interest me all that much, but there are several pairings that just make me sit up and take notice. I finally went to my Pinboard list and checked to see which pairings I had saved the most, and that turned out to be Chris/JC, Chris/Lance, and JC/Lance. Which isn’t to say I don’t enjoy reading about BSB, and about crossover matches, I just happen to have more Nsync stories saved.

Honestly, I don’t think I ever would have thought of Chris and JC as a viable pairing until I read Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by mickeym and nopseud. But that work of epic popslash just devoured me, what with all the hot porn and actual character growth. Whenever I read Chris/JC stories now, Absinthe is the bar they’re held up to.

I’m also going to rec another story by mickeym, called Right Back Where I Found You. This is a lovely, quiet little story that traces Chris and JC’s relationship from the very beginning days in Florida, even before Lance joined the group, through to the hiatus. It starts with them relaxing after long days of rehearsals by playing the guitar and harmonizing together, and progresses from there.

For my Chris/Lance rec, I’m offering From Russia With Love by Velma and aMuse. This entire story takes place during Lance’s training in Russia. Chris arrives to surprise him, and to declare his love. He’s also there when the Russians decide to send cargo into space rather than Lance, so he helps pick up the pieces and encourage Lance to keep moving forward. It combines a “first-time” fic with the warmth and comfort of years of shared history. The story is moving and very, very hot.

And now for JC/Lance. For the first rec, there’s Only One Kind Of Love by geneli4. I can't even tell you how many times I've read this, and it's not because it's MPreg, (truthfully, I’m not fond of Mpreg stories). It's also a reunion story and it's absolutely overflowing with warmth and love among all five of them. And the JC/Lance story is wonderful.

My second rec is The Baffled King by SarahQ (yep, the same SarahQ who gave us the utterly awesome AJ/JC story A Hell Of a Yarn). This is a long, thoughtful story tracing the relationship between Lance and JC from their early days until after the No Strings tour. There’s an interesting interweaving of religion, and Lance’s attempts to hold onto his beliefs. But I don’t mean to leave you with the impression that the sex isn’t hot as hell.


Thank you for the rec! :)