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blue dragon

Brave Author Fic: Different Harmonies by pensnest

This is a way overdue thank you to pensnest for her fantastic story Different Harmonies. (Real Life landed on my head, and manners went out the window. My sincerest apologies to pensnest, who deserves public acknowledgment of her hard work and of the awesomeness of her Lance and Kevin.)

My original prompt was as follows:

Kevin/Lance --

Maybe Nysnc and BSB were at the same hotel somewhere. I keep having a mental image of Kevin & Lance having bonded in shared exasperation as the rest of their groups engaged in prank wars or something equally idiotic. There’s a lot of fic showing them at odds with each other, but I think such strong personalities could be very passionate together.

Include their first morning after. It can be their first morning together because it’s the first time they’ve had the chance to spend an entire night together after a spate of hurried quickies, or it could be their very first time.

You can find the story on LJ here or on Dreamwidth here . As I told her, this is a feel-good kind of story, the kind of story to reread on a day when things are going wrong and you need to be cheered up again.

I wanted to claim credit for making her write her first Lance/Kevin, but as it turns out she’s written a short piece with the two of them interacting before: Practice. (It’s also set during the Nsync/BSB basketball game, and has Lance and Kevin in the shower. That ought to be enough enticement for you to click on the link!)


Incidentally, I've written another Lance/Kevin story - it's my take on Cinderella, with Lance as a rather subversive Cinders, JC as the fairy godmother, etc. It's here.