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blue dragon

Reality TV Blahs

And now, completely bypassing the current LJ seriousness....

I think that all the TV shows I normally watch have aired their season finales.  So until The Closer begins, that means I am stuck in the arid wasteland that is reality TV hell.  (Seriously, have you seen some of the shows they've been advertising?  Bingo?  Celebrity Impersonators? Celebrity Ex-Wives?)  It seems like that's all that's being played now on my TV, anyway.  That and Law & Order reruns.

Which is why I went out 3 years ago or so and bought a cheap DVD player for the kitchen, to go along with the DVD players in the living room and bedroom, so I wouldn't be forced to watch only what was being broadcast over the TV at any given time.  (Yes, I am spoiled.)  Maybe it's time to begin watching Buffy from the beginning again, and then Angel.  Then Firefly.  And then Farscape.  

Any one of them is better than "D-List Celebrities you've never heard of Singing/Dancing/Ice-Skating/Boxing/Living Together" (really, why the hell do the networks think I give a damn about any of those people anyway?).