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blue dragon

I Keep Being Friended By a Mysterious Stranger -- How Do I Make It Stop?

Does anyone know who oamevf is? I keep getting notifications that this person "has added me to their Friends list." They have added me at least 20 times now. I repeat, at least 20 times. I've never friended back. At one time his/her journal had 3 entries, all of which were about trying to sell stuff via the internet. Now his/her lj is completely blank.

There doesn't seem to be any sort of security filter, other than making a post friends only, that will make me invisible to him. My entries aren't really all that sensitive anyway. I just want to be off his radar entirely, and want him to be unable to friend me any longer. I can't find any lj settings that will keep this person from continuing to friend me.

So.... do any of you know who this person is, why they keep friending me out of the blue, and how I can make them go away?


I'm not sure but would blocking/banning them keep them from seeing you totally?
I wandered through the FAQ and didn't see instructions for how to block anyone. Can that be done? If I could somehow filter them maybe that would take care of it.
if you hover over their little lj user icon, there's an option to ban the user. it sounds like it's just a bot. so i would report it as that, as well.
Thank you! I did both of those, banning and reporting the user as a bot. I kind of wondered about that, since the name kept popping up in my inbox on a regular basis for no apparent reason. I didn't find either of those options in the FAQ's, so I really appreciate you pointing them out to me.
This other person's comment - banning them, that's what I'd do.
I just did that -- banned them, and reported them as a bot. I hope that takes care of it. In the grand scheme of things I know it's not a huge problem, but it's been a constant niggling irritation. Thanks for your help!