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Apr. 21st, 2017

blue dragon

LJ 18th anniversary

#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

Oct. 19th, 2016

blue dragon


Oh my God, if he says "bigly" one more time I'm going to throw something at the TV.

Jul. 11th, 2015

blue dragon

NSYNC and BSB doing a movie???

I just found an entry in Yahoo news that says Joey, AJ, Nick, and Nick's wife are going to be in a zombie-western hybrid movie together: What are they thinking?!?

Dec. 24th, 2014


Note to Self --

Remember that I will not need to buy Christmas wrapping paper again next year. Or probably the year after, or the year after that. And since I bought that ginormous package of tissue paper from Costco I won't need that either, because I'll be supplied until it decomposes and turns to dust.

All my presents are wrapped and labeled, although not bowed, because that's the last thing that happens so as to avoid inadvertent crushing. I only have to fill one stocking, and that's been taken care of, and I actually had a few items that didn't fit (I should have taken it apart and removed the Dove chocolates for myself and then everything would have fit just fine, I guess!). Even the dog's munchies have been wrapped. He does get actual toy gifts, but he has to have munchies wrapped up to unwrap for him every so often during the Grand Unwrapping of Gifts or he spends most of his time trying to eat the paper and the bows. Bribery at its finest.

Now I just need to get back to baking Christmas cookies.

Dec. 4th, 2014

blue dragon

Question About Tagging Fics and Sex

I have a question about tagging my bookmarks in my Pinboard account. I’ve been going through and labeling stories with top!Sam and top!Dean tags. (I don’t care but some people do, and it makes it faster to do a sort when searching for a rec.)

Anyway, if say Sam is lying on his back and Dean is riding him cowboy-style, is Dean topping because he is literally on top, or is Sam topping because he’s the one doing the inserting? What is the determining factor?

Same thing with blowjobs, if the story basically is a PWP focusing on a blowjob. Who is the person topping – the person doing the blowing, or the person being blown?

And I need to file this under “Things I Never Thought I Would Need To Ask.”
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Feb. 11th, 2014

blue dragon

February Fanfic Day 5: Fantasy AU (i.e. a world that doesn’t and never did exist)

I just checked the last February Festival recs, and during the course of that month I already recc’d the “Rake At the Gates of Hell ‘Verse” by synecdochic and the Puma!Verse stories by ephemera_pop and nopseud, as well as CrimsonQuill’s Slave to Love. All the stuff I usually reach for first.

So let’s see….. this time I’ll rec Into the Fire by deirdre (also known as pierson).

This is an amazing fantasy AU. It feels as though we’ve been dropped into a novel several chapters after the beginning, after all the boring exposition and right in the thick of the action. Kevin is an Old One, a fae, who has been hunting Justin for a long, long time in a world where fae and shapechangers exist among humans. Justin at one time had been his lover and his comrade-in-arms, but something had happened to him that turned him evil. Whatever he had been, he is a predator now and Kevin is determined to stop him. JC, Chris and Lance are shifters who are his allies. Kevin is fierce and focused, and I loved the sleek, deadly version of JC presented here. I would have been thrilled to read pages and pages more of this universe.

Feb. 7th, 2014

blue dragon

February Fanfic Day 4: Really Hot Sex

Ricky Martin never really did much for me until mickeym paired him with JC in a series of stories. But I'm willing to read JC with anyone so I jumped in and found myself devouring these. I don’t think they need to be read in any particular order, although they seem to meet for the first time in Burns where they catch each others' eye across a dance floor, and then go back to Ricky's hotel room.

There’s also Wax, where JC spreads Ricky out and drips hot wax on him and A Little Extreme, where JC and Ricky try erotic asphyxiation.

In Lazy Afternoon Ricky has a new piercing, and JC is both freaked out and turned on.

Slow Hand is a tiny ficlet of JC showing Ricky how to slow down.

And in White Noise Ricky can't sleep. JC knows how to tire him out.

Finally, in Relaxation Technique, the guys engage in watersports.
blue dragon

February Fanfic Day 3: Makes You Laugh!

My pick for this day is Grocery Day. I am ashamed to say I am not 100% completely certain of the authorship…. I have it marked as being halowrites and mickeym, but I’m not certain now how I came to that conclusion. (Please authors, put your name on the same page as your story!)

Chris and JC go grocery shopping, and amuse the hell out of each other.

"Lube!" Chris exclaims, and then snickers when it's JC's turn to flush as an elderly lady walking past stops to stare. She smiles, and then walks over to them, and touches JC lightly on the arm. "Make sure you use plenty," she says in a low voice, "And there's flavoured condoms on the next shelf down." She looks at Chris, then leans in close to JC. "He looks like a raspberry kinda guy." She winks and then walks off, leaving the two of them staring open-mouthed after her.

"Huh." Chris blinks, then blinks again."I mean. Huh."

"Hmm." JC nods, and steers the cart down the aisle, Chris following behind. "I always thought you were more pineapple, myself. I mean, y'know. The whole hair thing and all."
blue dragon

February Fanfic Day 2: Songfic

I’m reaching way back for this rec, to the classic What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) by Lois Lane.

The big deal about being a girl was that the world around you felt like it was made for other people who weren't girls. Things like watching what you wore, that you didn't show too much skin even though it was Florida, and May, and fucking hotter than hell, and making sure he didn't smile at strangers because it was asking for trouble, and having to lock the bathroom door because suddenly you weren't around your four best friends, but rather four men, and you felt oddly small, and exposed.

Nick was right. Being a girl was a little like being a famous pop sensation. The only difference was how a celebrity could pin the bullshit on other people. A girl really had no one to blame.

The song never did explain what it feels like for a girl, but Howie thought maybe it was something like defeat.

This was written long before I started reading popslash, but I believe it was either the first or one of the first genderswap stories (Howie, with no explanation, wakes up as a girl). For me, what makes this story stand the test of time so well: the impact on Howie is not treated in a facile way, the friendship with AJ is seen as rock-solid, and Chris’s reactions throughout are consistent.

Feb. 6th, 2014

blue dragon

February Fanfic Day 1: Great Opening

A new month of recs and I am already way late! Sorry about that.

Day 1 is all about stories with a Great Opening. I'm sure I must have recced this somewhere else, but it remains one of my favorite opening lines in the history of popslash:

AJ was bored in the middle of a sex shop, which he really didn't think fair at all.

It's from Matters of Style by Jain

AJ is accompanying Howie on a shopping expedition to a sex shop (purple toys!) and they run into Lance watching over JC at the same place (sparkly pink!). Howie and JC hit it off, and AJ and Lance are very amusing.

Dec. 24th, 2013


Merry Christmas!

Now that it's Christmas Eve I want to wish everyone on my flist a Merry Christmas, and even if you don't celebrate the holiday I hope you're doing something self-indulgent for yourself. I know I haven't been posting a lot but I've been reading and lurking in the shadows, and let me tell you that you are a group of wildly fascinating people. I'm so glad I'm brushing up against your minds, even if it's just in the ether.

And Oh God I just saw that MTYG stories have gone live... I don't think I'll be back on my pc for the next two days, but then I'll dive in. How long do we have to do reviews before the author reveal?

Dec. 8th, 2013


LJ's Latest Puzzlement

Has anyone else noticed that LJ has placed a vertical rectangle at the bottom right corner of their screen? It's driving me crazy. There are three dots in it, and it obscures the ends of at least 5 lines while I'm trying to read fics. If I hover over it it offers me the option of clicking to the author's previous or future links, which I suppose could be useful, but not at the expense of blocking what I'm currently reading.

How do I make it go away?

Aug. 31st, 2013

blue dragon

Is Anyone Else Having Difficulty Posting?

Or is it just me then?

Suddenly it seems LJ won't let me cut and paste text from Word or even from Notepad: the formatting goes beserk. If I'm writing something longer than a few paragraphs I always write in a Word document first, because composing anything in the LJ box is a bitch, and Word will let me save and come back to it later. Also, LJ is now not letting me create links to other sites within my posts. So what the hell is going on?

Aug. 17th, 2013

bsb group

In A World Like This Concert Review, Holmdel, NJ

If you remember, a little while ago I was asking for advice about buying tickets for my first BSB concert. Well, it was this past Thursday night, and I had an amazing time.

Follow to my concert review...Collapse )

Jul. 6th, 2013

bsb group

Question About Buying Concert Tickets

So the Backstreet Boys are touring to promote their new album, and it seems as though I maybe might possibly be actually going to my first BSB concert! (I'm hoping to get a yes! from a friend tomorrow, and then I'll buy the tickets.)

Anyway, I was looking at ticket prices online and there are such a variety of places to buy from. Do you guys suggest anywhere in particular? Specifically, I found a site called goodseattickets.com that seems to sell tickets for a considerable discount (although I'm reading some people complaining about chargethat get added to the ticket cost - but don't all places do that?) Dos any of you know anything about goodseattickets.com? Is it reliable?

(Cross-posted between my personal journal and popsoundboard.)

Jan. 5th, 2013

blue dragon

MTYG 2012 Recs

I am not going to be able to give recs for all the stories the way I’d wanted to, because Life just keeps getting in the way. And I haven’t been able to provide individual feedback for all of these stories yet, because again, Life keeps getting in the way. But here are a few recs I can offer, before the reveal:

A Very Special Snowflake
The pairing for this is JC/Justin, but it absolutely shines as a JC-Chris story. They spend the entire story talking on the phone, and Chris spends a lot of the story trying to reason with JC from across country. Viewing the world through JC’s eyes is always a joy.

Orange is the happiest color
I’ve read this story twice now, and both times it’s made me smile all the way through with both the humor and how comfortable the guys are with one another. I also like how it’s written, with so much of the story in dialogue, which makes it flow quickly.

Welcome Home, You
I found this intriguing, because I’ve thought that there has to be some sort of resentment buried in there amongst the Boys, even if they did support Kevin when he made his decisions to leave and to come back. And to have the resentment and anger coming from Brian of all people makes it more ugly and realistic.

The Veil of Dreams
Okay, JC has built what Chris assumed was probably a drug-related mushroom fairy ring in his back yard, which he thought was nonsense, until he saw a dude in robes grab JC and disappear with him… because as it turns out JC became a “freaking political prisoner for otherworldly creatures.” And that’s the beginning of the whole adventure.

It's Cool, It's Hot, It's a Relationship, It's Not
Firstly, let me say, yay! Letterboys p0rn! It seems we read so little of the actual sexytimes in MTYG anymore, I was actually surprised to see it. Secondly, this was an interesting look at AJ, because he’s usually shown as someone who’s so overflowing with self-confidence to see him unsure was unusual.

Under Our Skin
This is funny – both Chris’ persistent nagging at Kevin, and Kevin and Lance’s digs at one another.

neither rain nor snow
On his 30th birthday Chris develops superpowers… and what I like the most about this story is that it’s really about JC and Chris, and while the superpowers have caused a new turn in their relationship, they’re not the focal point of the story.

With a Sprinkle of Fairy Dust and a Slap on the Butt
This is an AU where after the Mickey Mouse Club ended JC chose to come out as openly gay, and enter the world of dance. So he was never in Nsync. which still makes my head spin trying to imagine things. Anyway, the story cuts back and forth from Lance’s POV between his time in Nsync when JC was hired to choreograph the No Strings tour, and the present, when JC’s a new judge on Dancing With the Stars just as Lance is competing. It’s kind of glorious, watching JC be able to sparkle as much as he wants.
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Dec. 25th, 2012


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of those on my flist who celebrate the holidays. We had some snow last evening for Christmas Eve, which was picturesque as all get-out, although it's gone today. We've listened to Christmas carols and opened presents, and now I need to go set up the new laptop that I bought for my mother. Wish me luck!

Oct. 29th, 2012

blue dragon

Good Luck During Hurricane Sandy

Good luck to all of my fellow East Coast residents as we prepare to ride out Hurricane Sandy. I just finished baking peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies (I could only handle so much of the endless storm reporting and the "oh my God we're all going to DIE!!!" coverage on TV). So whenever we lose power at least we'll have sweet things to munch on.

Best of luck, everyone.

Oct. 3rd, 2012

blue dragon

On Avoiding Dialysis So Far (Yay!) and Possible Heart Damage (Not So Yay!)

I had an appointment with my nephrologist yesterday and while my creatnine level has crept up a little I'm still able to avoid kidney dialysis for another few months. (My current level is at 4.25, and I'm safe until it reaches 5.) And he said I don't have to go back in to see him until January, so I can relax through the holidays without this hanging imminently over my head.

My transplant status is currently "inactive," which means I'm on the Transplant List accruing time, but if a kidney becomes available I won't be called for it. Why? Because of the cardiac testing. The cardiologist came to the tentative conclusion that I might have heart damage. That's because on one of the tests they couldn't visualize what they needed to see through the breast tissue -- apparently that happens a lot with women. So even though the second test was fine, this one was a question mark. So he's playing the odds: for a person who's had kidney disease this long, and type 1 disease this long, etc., has this percentage of a chance of heart disease.

Unfortunately the only way to decisively determine whether it's damaged or not is to do a cardiac catheterization, and the dye they use would totally kill off all the remaining kidey function I have left. So that's a no, we're not going to have that surgery right now. It's on hold until the time I actually get started on dialysis.

Aug. 30th, 2012

blue dragon

Just Doing Some Journalistic Housekeeping

Popslash Theme Recs 14: ReunionsI created these Theme Recs lists for the popsoundboard but never included links to my personal LJ, so I could grab them quickly when I want to:

Popslash Theme Recs 01: Summer

Popslash Theme Recs 02: Clones!

Popslash Theme Recs 03: Psychic Abilities

Popslash Theme Recs 04: Amnesia

Popslash Theme Recs 05: Pre-Germany

Popslash Theme Recs 06: Zombies!

Popslash Theme Recs 07: Vampires

Popslash Theme Recs 08: Changing Into Animals

Popslash Theme Recs 09: Cross-Dressing

Popslash Theme Recs 10: OMG I'm a Girl!

Popslash Theme Recs 11: Place Your Bets

Popslash Theme Recs 12: Massages

Popslash Theme Recs 13:MPreg

Popslash Theme Recs 14:Reunions

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